Security & Surveillance Systems

OnlinXP is a complete one-stop shop for Surveillance and Security Systems, featuring the most advance, futuristic and innovative technology solutions. For assisting Surveillance Solution Providers, we provide wide range of IP Enabled MPEG 4 based "Digital Video Recording Appliances" for live and recorded surveillance. We offer the best-in-class Surveillance solution to commercial and private sectors.

Using state-of-an-art MPEG 4 based Digital Video Recorders with remote management facilities, surveillance solutions are available for Home, Retail Chain Stores, Factories, Offices, Apartments & Societies, Critical Equipment installations, Road Traffic, Educational Institutes, Day Care Centers etc. Powerful management software allows surveillance over Internet on PDA and hand held devices over GPRS.

Our future initiatives include:

  • Wireless Access Control Solutions

  • Integrated Surveillance Solution for following segments 

    • Socities
    • Apartments / Flats / Houses / Farms
    • Retail Stores
    • Hospitals
    • Malls & Shopping Complexes
    • and more...

Security & Surveillance Systems

DVR/IP Camera/Video Server Based Solutions

The IP based DVR approach is the foundation of tomorrow, available today; thanks to our futuristic surveillance solution tailored to your needs. DVR/IP Camera/Video Server based Surveillance Solution takes full advantage of the superiority of DVR technology over VHS technology. DVRs store data on hard disk drives, eliminating the need for administrators to fuss with messy VHS tapes. DVR data can be easily implemented into any company's standard IT department's data storage environment. 

Network and Remote Management of Surveillance Camera

We offer IP network based Surveillance solutions that allow you to be connected to your home or office whenever you want. A solution that integrates with your network and ensures that you are able to remotely monitor your home from your office. Whenever there is an intrusion, you are informed and so can contact your neighborhood police station to ensure that proper action has been taken.

Centralized Management of Surveillance Recorded Files

Centralized Management of surveillance is a system designed for large enterprises and alarm centers. Featuring a distributed server architecture, innovative centralized management and support for a wide range of IP Cameras. The ability to centrally manage and control the entire system is unrivaled and we believe that it will allow organizations to think more openly about expanding their surveillance solutions than has previously been possible. It is a peerless solution to distributed surveillance within an organization.

Home & Enterprise Security Solution

We offer Specially designed and customized solutions that are right sized for a home or office that are pocket friendly. A solution that provides the best value for money technology can offer. We also offer solutions that can be right sized to the exact requirement in terms of the number of cameras, the type of cameras as well as integration with the security solution that has already been implemented. The solution is dynamic in nature to enable sizing according to the exact requirement. Our solution combines IP-based physical security management, intelligent video surveillance, and an enterprise-wide platform into fully integrated vertical and horizontal solutions.

Retail Security Solution

Our IP-based video surveillance and security system provides a way to capture and distribute video over different kind of IP based network. With an Internet connection, even a non-technical person can comfortably monitor multiple stores from a single point. IP-Surveillance solutions comply with open industry standards and can easily be integrated into and triggered by other systems.

Bank & ATM Security Solution

Our advanced entrance control/Intrusion solutions, surveillance systems and electronic alarms prevent and record any threat to the bank's security. Our network cameras are the excellent security solutions for banks, as these are efficient to keep an eye on entrance, cash counters and ATMs 24x7 for the safety & security of the bank as well as customers. These cameras have all required functions and capabilities that comprises storing of images or relaying alarm signals from the security point of view. Besides this, the central site can be used for managing multiple cameras efficiently at every bank location and recorded images can be archived locally. These are adequate to provide storage of images for viewing later.

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