Founder & Managing Partner

Roshan Sharma - Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Industry: Information Technology (IT)

Work Experience: 17+ Years as Entrepreneur

Roshan Sharma is an IT Infrastructure Management Veteran, with over 17 years of work experience. Once he dreamed of running his own IT Company where he can provide all IT services under one single roof, ie: Website Development, Mobile Apps, Cloud & Hosting, IT Services and more... his dream is to increase job opportunities in the country so that every person must be working and he also want to enhance IT Industry in India & want every single person in the country to become tech-savy.

Roshan oversees the disciplines that deliver expertise and technical support to Onlinxp’s clients. His day-to-day focus is on managing IT Infrastructure and managing company financial position, work discipline. Roshan has a vast experience in Web Hosting, VPS and Cloud Infrastructure.

He is also managing 1 more company as a Managing Director (Shagun Exports). He also writes about leadership and habits on his personal blog. A graduate of Delhi University, Roshan currently lives in Delhi with his wife Anjana Kaushik and loves driving his car to work. He also loves to travel to different parts of our country (India) to expand his business and for leisure.

His Favorite Quote:

If you work with determination and with perfection, success will follow

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