My subscribers aren't receiving my campaigns?

Normally, when a subscriber or subscribers, don't see your email campaign in their inboxes, it's because of spam filters, ask them to check spam folder. If your recipients have looked in their spam or junk folders and still don't see your campaign, there are a few more reasons, you need to cross-check.

If a particular subscriber is not receiving your emails, Ask her to add your From email address to their contact list or address book.


If you are using Outlook, then you need to login and check spam folder in your email client application, if you have received email in spam but not outlook, drag that email to inbox, add senders email id to safe list or address book and you are done.

Sometime emails are delayed

Sometimes email client such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail can delay delivery of bulk mail to your inbox by as much as 24 hours. If you have not received your campaign, be sure you have allowed enough time for your webmail program to deliver it.

Check Spam Folder

You should check your spam folder.


Why I am receiving my own email campaign in Spam?

Corporate Spam Filters and Firewalls

Corporate spam firewalls can be especially strict when it comes to bulk or test emails. When you send a test email to multiple recipients at a company, it can look like a spam attack.


Corporate emails clients also tend to flag mail that has the same "To" and "From" email address. We recommend you send test emails to personal or free email accounts, such as Yahoo/ Gmail.

Test Content and Spam Filters

It might seem logical to include words like “test” or “testing” in your test email subject lines but these can actually trigger spam filters.

Sender Email Address

Try changing 'FROM Email Address' Delivery may hamper if your sender domain address is listed in Real-time Black Lists (RBL).

General Test Email Tips

We recommend that you always send test campaigns to as many common email servers as possible, such as Yahoo or Gmail, in addition to your personal or corporate account to determine if it's a problem with just one email server.


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