SSD Hosting vs HDD Hosting


Before finalizing any hosting company for your website always check the features they are providing with the hosting plans. Check which kind of storage space they are providing, is it SSD or HDD?


A Quick Answer: Always choose SSD Hosting, since Solid State Drives (SDD) are 300 times faster than Hard Disk Drives, so it will definately have an impact on your website loading speed.


Difference between SSD and HDD

HDD or Hard Disk Drive is a storage device for your computer. It consists of a metal disc with magnetic coating that records your data. It allows your computer to be read, transfer and displayed your data. The faster the disk spins, the faster it can perform – but all of this causes heat an friction – eventually heating up your computer.


SSD or Solid State Drives offer the same function of the HDD but at a greater level of efficiency. SSDs are essentially flash memory chips. Being that they are chips require no power to “spin up,” so it takes less time to process, read, transfer and display data. SSD hosting is normally 300 times faster than HDD hosting.


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