Moz Domain Authority (DA) vs Google Page Rank


There are two major and well known site measurements or metrics used to calculate and improve website performance. One of these measurements is the PageRank created and measured by Google Inc. and the other one is a bundle of SEO Tools used to calculate site metrics (Domain Authority, Page Authority, Moz Rank, Moz Trust) created and measured by Moz Inc.

What is PageRank?

PageRank is an algorithm, it’s a simple measurement of links and link equity. Google analyize a website and measures the number of links pointing to its root domain. It measures the authority of linking-in sites as well, to prevent any kind of link abuse. A site with higher quality incoming links in a higher number will have a better PageRank.

For a long time, PageRank was used to identify a website authority or trust level. Since Google has stopped updating PR data, PageRank has decreased in value over the last couple of years.

PageRank is still valuable as a part of Google’s algorithm but it is not a valuable public metric.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a public metric that can be used to understand how Google’s Algorithms rank your website based on it's authority or credibility on the web and by providing more accurate metrics of a website. Like PageRank, it calculates the authority, links, link quity of website. Rising from a low 30 to 35 will be easier on this scale than rising from a high 80 to 85. A DA of 100 is the top ideal, while an unranked site would have a DA of zero.

Domain Authority can be found through a number of different SEO tools, most notably the "MozBar" or "Open Site Explorer" website.

DA is calculated using a wider range of metrics than Pagerank. Some of those metrics include:

  • Quality of backlinks: Who links to you and what is the credibility of that website who is linking to yours? This can be improved by gaining high quality backlinks from a wide variety of websites.

  • Number of outgoing links. Who do you consider worth linking to? Do you have too many links for your content? Do you link to authority sites or known spam domains?

  • Domain Information. How many websites you own 5, 10, 50 or more? Domain Authority monitors domains linked to your website with the same information or copied contents. If any one of those sites becomes spammy, Moz DA will demote other sites linking to that website as well.

  • Domain Age. Old is Gold, Moz DA follows a simple metric "the older the domain is, the more trusty it is" so the older domains with maximum years of registration can rank a little higher than other websites.

  • PageRank. Moz uses Google’s PageRank as part of the Domain Authority calculation. This means by default that Domain Authority is a wider, more accurate measurement of a site.

  • Social Metrics. That is, the distribution of content and traffic over time. A site that has a sudden rise in traffic on a particular piece of content may have experienced that content going viral, or it may have purchased traffic from a third party site.

  • Value Distribution. A site with 75 out of 100 pages of moderate value – as measured by incoming links and traffic – will fare better than a site with only 10 of 100 pages experiencing links and traffic.

  • Traffic metrics. Moz DA also analyiz number of returning visitors, number of pageviews per visitor, time spent on the page and the bounce rate.

  • Hardware and software metrics, including server response times, broken links, code errors and uptime.

There are a number of other DA metrics as well, making the Moz measurement nearly as complex as Google’s algorithm itself.


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